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Soprano (or Mezzo), Trombone/Alto Sackbut, Violin, 5 String Electric Violin/Electric Bass Violin/Violin, Percussion (25 minutes)

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Three Poems by J M Synge
Mezzo and Piano (7 minutes)
Three Orpheus Sonnets (Rilke)
Mezzo and Piano (10 minutes)
Jane Manning writes about this work

Songs for Patti

Mezzo and Piano (6 minutes)

Pleasures are Like Poppies Spread

Mezzo and Piano (2 minutes) words from Tam O’ Shanter by Robbie Burns

The Abbot of Bingham
Soprano with Tombone, Violin, Viola and Cello (4 minutes)
A setting of the poem of the same name by the late Brian Nisbet
Link to a PDF of the score
Obituary of Brian Nisbet in The Guardian