Gloup Fishermen’s Memorial photographed by
Robert Alan Jamieson librettist of Beyond the Far Haaf

Beyond The Far Haaf
Part 3 – ‘The Returning’ (23 mins)

Graham Titus, Margaret Cable, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk

Snow Queen lino cut
Lino cut by Clare Melinsky Radio Times 6 August 1984
for the first broadcast of The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen (libretto by Kevin Ireland)
Robber Girl scene (8 mins)

Teresa Cahill, Elizabeth Bainbridge with The London Sinfonietta, conducted by Howard Williams

Sonata Fantasia (2 minute excerpt)

Rohan de Saram (cello)
Druvi de Saram (piano)

Concert Overture on Themes from Jack’s Engagement
(13 mins)

BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra / Jerzy Maksymiuk

A Full Moon in March
1) 2nd Attendant’s Opening Song
2) Part 2 complete

Stephen Varcoe, Linda Hirst, Twentieth Century Ensemble, conductor Edwin Roxburgh

String Quartet No 4 (1 minute excerpt)

String Quartet No 5 (final minute)

String Quartet No.6
(link to complete live recording which is available to purchase for only £3)
Bingham String Quartet

NOTE: this download is currently unavailable. Please contact DW directly if you want to download this piece.

Piano Sonata (21/2 minute excerpt)

Graeme McNaught

Cello Concerto no. 1
Last movement (18 min Adagio and Cadenza)

Ross Pople / BBC Symphony Orchestra / Norman Del Mar

Clarinet Quintet (first two movements)
1) Slow-Fast
2) Scherzo

Shinobu Miki / Saltire Quartet

e-mails from Palestine

 e-mails from Palestine

Recording of the live 1st performance in 2010

Emily White (vocals, trombone, alto sackbut, violin & percussion)

Steve Bingham (5 string electric violin, electric bass violin, violin, percussion & live loops from bass violin)

Recorded speaking voice of Jane Frere

A studio recording of e-mails is planned

Variations for Cello and Orchestra (last 2 mins)

Ross Pople, London Festival Orchestra, conductor Edwin Roxburgh

Dreaming of a Distant Love


Victoria Soames Samek (Alto Sax) Steve Bingham (Violin) Chris Brannick (Percussion) Adrian Sutcliffe (Electric Piano)

Arias and Cadenzas

Video Stream of premiere on 5 November 2017 including Q & A with the audience

Rohan de Saram (Cello) Suren de Saram (Percussion) Kausikan Rajeshkumar (Piano)

Cello Concerto no. 2 (middle movements)
1) Slow movement
2) Scherzo and Trio

Rohan de Saram / Southbank Sinfonia / Simon Over

String Quartet No 7

Recording of the 1st performance with a spoken introduction from Emily White who speaks first about Huntly-based composer Ronald Center (1913–1973) in a concert celebrating the centenary of Center’s birth

Isla Quartet

Philippa Mo and Emily White (violins), Rachel Stott (viola), Rebecca Rees (cello)