Sybil: a Nation Divided
(about 165 minutes), libretto by David Ward
A PDF with full information about the cast and orchestra, plus a synopsis and other information, can be dowloaded via this link

A link to a PDF of the complete full score can be found on the News page of this web-site.

Dr Foster
(about 150 minutes), libretto by David Ward in collaboration with John Cox

Click here to download the libretto (pdf file)

Principal Roles

Dr Henry Foster       Tenor
Rev Michael Master       Bass
Marge       Soprano
Martha       Mezzo
Helen de Guise       Mezzo


3 lab assistants       Tenor, Baritone, Bass
Semi-solo      8 Sopranos

Mixed Chorus

Dancers, Mimes, Supernumeraries      As available

Orchestra: 3,3,3,altoSax,3; 4,3,3,1(cimbasso); timp,4perc; hp,mand; 8-14,8-12,6-10,4-10,4-8
On Stage: Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Bass Guitar
Back Stage: Electronic Organ (powerfully amplified in the auditorium)


(about 130 minutes), libretto by David Ward

Principal Roles

Timone       Mezzo
Francis       Baritone
Lucky       Tenor
Jane       Soprano


Quintet       Soprano, Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Bass

Mixed Chorus    

Dancers (for Stock Exchange Ballet)

Orchestra: 3,3,3,tenorSax,3; 4,3,3,1; timp,3perc; hp; strings (fairly full)


The Garden of the Sun
(2 hours), libretto by Kevin Ireland
for  8 solo singers, 5 part male chorus (either 1 or 3 to a part) 1 female dancer and 37 instrumentalists (or optionally 50 with extra strings)
This piece has a major role for baritone as Gilgamesh
The Garden of the Sun would lend itself to performance in non-standard venues, semi-staging with projections &c
More information and a downloadable PDF of the libretto on the News page of this web-site.

Cupid and Psyche
(about 90 minutes), libretto by Kevin Ireland
for  6 singers, 3-6 dancers and 23 instrumentalists
more information on the News page

Jack’s Engagement
 (about 90 minutes), libretto by Kevin Ireland

Principal Roles

Molly      Lyric Soprano
Jack       Tenor
Farmer’s Wife       Mezzo
Farmer       Baritone
Landlord’s Wife       Coloratura Soprano
Landlord       Buffo Bass
Katerine       Contralto (low mezzo)

Mixed Chorus

Children’s Chorus (at least 6)

Orchestra: 2,2,3,2; 4,2,2(T,B),0; timp,1 perc(kit); piano; strings


A Full Moon in March
(40 minutes), libretto the play by W B Yeats

Sung Roles

1st Attendant       Mezzo (with high B)
2nd Attendant       Bass (or Baritone with low Eb)

Spoken Roles

The Queen (part I)
The Swineherd


The Queen (part II)

Chamber Orchestra (13): Fl/Picc, Ob/CorAng, Clar/BsClar; BsTrbn; 2 perc; Mand, Hp; 2 vlns, vla, cello, DB


The Death of Ferdia
(33 minutes), words of prologue by DW, singing wordless

Spoken Role


Sung Roles

Queen Medb       Soprano
Finnabair      Mezzo
Ferdia       Tenor
Cùchulainn       Bass

Female Dancer

The Badb

Chamber Orchestra (10) : Flute/Picc/AltoFl,Obd’am,Clar/BsClar; BsTrbn; Kit; Hp; Vla,Cello,DB


The Snow Queen
(52 minutes), libretto by Kevin Ireland

Sung Roles

Snow Queen       Mezzo
Greta      Lyric Soprano
Kay      Tenor
Raven       Baritone (bass-baritone)
Prince       Baritone
Robber Girl       Low mezzo (with strong low D, 7th below middle C)

Dancers (at least 3)

Storm Dancers      Always attendant on the Snow Queen

Chamber Orchestra (15): Fl/Picc, Ob, Clar, BsClar/BarSax, Bsn;  Flügel, Trbn, BsTrbn;  1 Perc;  Mand, Hp; Vln,Vla,Cello,DB