Clarinet Quintet
Clarinet and String Quartet (30 minutes)
String Quartets

No 1 (25 minutes)

No 2 (38 minutes)

No 3 (30 minutes)

No 4 (19 minutes)

No 5 (11 minutes)

No 6 (20 minutes)

No 7 (12 minutes)

Concerto for Viola with Piano
Chamber performing version of Viola Conc (32 mins)
Entrance, Sonata and Exit
Trumpet and String Quartet (30 minutes)
Bass Trombone and Piano (31/2 minutes)
In Memoriam Simon
String Quartet with dominant Viola
(7 minutes)
Mute Play
Bass Trombone and Piano (8 minutes)
Clarinet and Piano (31/2 minutes)
Sonata Fantasia
Cello and Piano (17 minutes)
Little Duet for Hector and Shinobu
Clarinet and violin (4 minutes)
More for H & S
Clarinet & Violin (2 min)

Duo for Violin and Cello
(6 minutes)
Dreaming of a Distant Love
Alto Sax, Violin, Percussion and Electric Piano (2 min)

Lukkaminnie’s Oo for Violin and Cello
(2 minutes)


Divertimento for Mixed Octet
Cl/A sax/B Cl, Bsn, Hn, 2 Vlns, Vla, Vc, DB (25 min)